The WeBe Team


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We are the group behind weBenefit, The weTeam. We started out as wanting to make a difference in our community. Our hearts were immediately drawn towards Kids Help Phone when looking for charities to support. Kids Help Phone provides so much support for kids covering various topics such as bullying, abuse, relationships and emotional well-being. As young adults, we understand the troubles kids today can face, especially regarding mental health. Inspired by personal experiences, we aim to expand the conversation regarding mental health through community engagement within our platforms. We believe it’s important for the kids in our communities to gain access to resources, but we also believe it’s important these kids feel comfortable talking about their mental health. Our hopes with weBenefit is to create that type of environment for them.

Executive Coordinators: Daniel Nguyen, Kaylee Pagilagan, Stacey Dadural
Stage Directors:  Rebecca Castillo, Justin Quito
Social Media:  Erin Villas,  Gavin Li
Festival Coordinators:  Anishia Sanoubane, Rylan Rodil, Kyle Gamez
Volunteer Supervisor:  Bethany Villas
Graphic Designer:  Jamie Tameta

If you’d like to get in contact with any of our team members, don’t hesitate to email us or message us through our Facebook page