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For those of you who don't already know me, my name is Kaylee Pagilagan (pictured on the right) and I am one of lead coordinators for weBenefit! If you've stumbled upon this blog post, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to visit the website. If you haven't already, please check out our weBenefit 2018 tab for the latest updates on our next charity concert and festival on June 23rd, 2018. If you were able to come to the Charity Concert last February, the weBe team and I really appreciate your support. We hope that you'll be able to come out again this year as we've got big plans ahead!

Whether or not you were able to make it out last year, we hope that the importance of Mental Health is not a new topic for you. There is a stigma that hovers over our society that pushes the taboo belief of mental health. We can't talk about depression the same way we talk about a broken leg. And when you do break past that invisible barrier, it becomes very difficult for others to see mental health as a legitimate illness, or even as a valid topic of discussion. Tackling the mental health stigma has always been a battle and a half in my eyes. Society is only beginning to change its tune from the conservative beliefs of the past, and the weBe team wants to be a part of this new era. Depression does not have a bias or discrimination. Anxiety is not limited to a certain character of an individual. Mental Health Disorders can't just be shut off with a nap or a lecture on how to "get over it". It has the ability to affect us all. Something that I used to find so difficult was trying to decide whether to keep my thoughts and viewpoints about mental health to myself, or to speak up when someone held the opinion that "mental health issues aren't real." But if there is anything that I've learned over my 22 years, it's that your voice matters. You matter. You have purpose on this earth. You have the power to change the world. And most importantly, the things that you have been through, or are going through,
do not define who you are.

So you've made it through the first entry of what I hope will be many! Before I go, I'd just like to say thank you one more time for your ongoing support. Whether you were able to go to the show last year, if you're planning on going this year, or have absolutely no idea what I've been talking about, just remember that your presence on this earth is valued and important! If you see me around Macewan U (probably taking a nap in the library) or anywhere around the city, please come and say hi! weBenefit is something that I hold very close to my heart, and believe me when I say we are only just beginning.

I hope you're having a wonderful day, wherever you are and whatever you're doing.
Happy writing and we hope to see you on June 23rd at Gateway Alliance Church.

One of our main goals at weBenefit is to continue the conversation on Mental Health, and try to make even more noise than what is already present. This blog was created for anyone who wants to help us do that. This space is open to all. It can be an inspiring quote that helps you get through the day, or maybe a personal story that you'd like to share. Feel free to start writing, and our team can't wait to give it a read.

If you would like to contribute to the conversation, email us at wegenerationyeg@gmail.com and we'll post it here!

*Please Note: All submissions to the journal will be briefly reviewed before posted. Please keep all content appropriate and respectful.*